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Our good reputation speaks for itself ……  

Our specialist technical director Bob Bacciarelli and his associates have built up reputation and experience worldwide as independent geotechnical specialists that provide “true” verifiable results and reports together with innovative cost efficient geotechnical design to international standards anywhere in the world.

International standard & quality ……. brought to you by a local Indonesian company

Over past 30 years our technical director has provided trouble shooting geotechnical advice world wide. For the past 10 years he has been supported by the Indonesian company Geoindo which has carried out geotechnical consulting, pile testing and soil investigation with own “in situ” testing equipment and own soils testing laboratory. Projects – large and small. Clients including oil & gas, mining, consultants, contractors, banks and project owners.

In 2004 we refocused Geoindo in keeping with our strategy not to become “just an ordinary soil investigation contractor”. We wanted to bring ADDED VALUE and now concentrate on only providing specialist “geotechnical advice” or “troubleshooting” services to clients that can see the benefit of expatriate worldwide experience & expertise and how that that can lead to project success, improve profitability and speed up completion.

Our refocused geotechnical services cover :

•  Geo-technical advisor & troubleshooter
•  Design ground investigations, contract documents, tenders, assess + award.
•  Coordinate, manage, overview + audits
•  Supervision
•  Interpretation & recommendations
•  Technical overview for EPC tender / contracts

Need a geotechnical manager URGENTLY that can come in fast & be up and running from day one.......then look no further

We can provide expatriate “project management” for large scale onshore and offshore soil investigations & geotechnical consulting for large projects or oil + gas clients.

Let our specialist start your project & guide your geotechnical teams until they can take over themselves …………..

Desk studies & site reconnaissance at project start up by our geotechnical specialist together with GIS based mapping using satellite imagery & published mapping can bring enormous benefits at project start..

Geological, engineering geological and geotechnical mapping. Geohazards and reconnaissance a speciality.

More than 30 years professional experience worldwide with up to 15 years in Indonesia .

For full details download his CV – Geotechnical advisor / troubleshooter.


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